Corporate Responsibility

At VF, integrity never goes out of fashion.

As one of the world's leading apparel suppliers, we embrace the opportunity and responsibility that comes with our leadership role. Our success to date is a direct result of the values we embrace as a company and as people. To us, values such as honesty, integrity, consideration, and respect are more than words; they are embedded in everything we do and are the foundation of our social and environmental efforts.

These same values helped us craft our approach to environmental sustainability, which reflects our commitment to operating our business in a manner that ensures future generations can live with cleaner water and air, healthier forests and oceans, and a stable climate. By actively encouraging our associates to lead us in an environmentally and socially responsible direction, we will innovate to deliver sustainable products to people around the world, and will be a good corporate citizen. In this way, we will create value for our business and the communities in which we operate, while continuously reducing our environmental footprint.

We base our approach to sustainability on three pillars: our social, environmental and economic impacts. These three are inextricably linked, with the vibrancy of each reliant on the health of the others. As we advance our sustainability journey, we will continue to embed social and environmental considerations into all our decision making in order to create shared value where we live, work and play.

Looking Forward

Our sustainability strategy focuses on aligning our social and environmental impacts. We know our accountability starts with our own operations; therefore we are setting clear goals to reduce our impact and continually challenge ourselves to do better. We also acknowledge that our reach goes further than our own operations. Our history of owning and operating highly-efficient manufacturing facilities provides us with multiple opportunities to leverage our knowledge and disciplines with our contracted manufacturing partners around the world to raise their levels of environmental awareness and responsiveness. By encouraging others to join us, we can amplify the positive effects.

As a global corporation, we are still in the early stages of our sustainability journey. We recognize that sustainability is fundamental to our success as a corporation and to our role as a global citizen. We are ready and committed to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, as we build value for our business and help create a better world for future generations.