Sustainability & Responsibility

While we are proud of our status as the world's largest apparel company, we take our global success seriously. In fact, we see it as a direct result of the values we embrace - as a company and as people. Values like honesty and integrity, consideration and respect. For us, these are more than words. They are embedded in our work and form an integral part of our daily operations.

For example, all VF authorized factories are required to follow our Global Compliance Principles (GCP), whether they are operated by us directly or by our suppliers and vendors. Established in 1997 and consistent with internationally recognized labor standards, our GCP ensure that work environments are safe and responsibly managed. In addition, we require that our owned facilities be certified by Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to ethical manufacturing throughout the world. Within our owned manufacturing, approximately 60 percent of facilities hold the highest level Platinum certification, an accomplishment that only becomes attainable after a facility has maintained a minimum of three consecutive years of WRAP certification.

We are committed to diversity, both in the workplace and with our suppliers. A deep respect for individuals underlies our natural acceptance of diverse backgrounds, cultures, preferences and ideas.

And through a wide range of programs around the world - from fundraising for cancer research to ongoing sustainability initiatives - we make our values known to the hundreds of communities in which we operate. Examples of some of these programs are included below.

These are the hallmarks of our commitment to corporate responsibility - for ourselves, our suppliers and our consumers.

The VF 100 Program

The VF 100 program honors annually the 100 associates across the company who have accumulated the highest number of community service hours. The VF Foundation then donates $1,000 to each winner's qualified charity of choice. Since the start of the VF 100 program in 2005, participants have contributed more than 160,000 hours of volunteer service, and VF has donated $600,000 to hundreds of non-profit organizations around the world.

Timberland "Serva-a-palooza"

At its core, the Timberland® brand believes in the power of people to transform their communities. For the past 15 years, the brand has hosted an annual company-wide celebration of community service in countries around the globe. The "Serva-a-palooza" event unites Timberland associates and community partners to address pressing social and environmental needs in a positive, sustainable way. To date, the global event has generated more than 300,000 hours of service in communities worldwide. Projects have included planting trees in Thailand, restoring a wildlife reserve in London and helping build homes for families in need in the U.S.

The North Face "Explore Your Parks" Program

Launched in 2010, The North Face "Explore Your Parks" program provides families with the information and tools needed to access and enjoy state parks across the U.S. "Explore Your Parks" resources include special events, a comprehensive website with downloadable activity guides, and opportunities to get a free day pass at a nearby park with a purchase at participating The North Face® retail stores. In 2011, the brand earned praise for its commitment to outdoor education with the program featured on the White House's Let's Move! blog, which is dedicated to combating childhood obesity.

Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek has launched a corporate social responsibility program entitled focused on environmental and social initiatives. Encompassing community involvement, sustainability and nonprofit giving, the goal of the program is to increase the "triple bottom line" of people, planet and profit. The live aspect includes hosting two brand-wide service days per year and encouraging education around environmentally friendly practices at the brand's headquarters. The work part of the program focuses on sustainable operations and materials. And travel speaks to the brand's passion for exploration, by promoting responsible travel and supporting education and water projects in a variety of international locations.