Sustainability & Responsibility
Global Compliance

We stand behind our principles

Strong values guide everything that we do - particularly our relationships with the associates and workers around the world who comprise the VF family.

We work hard to ensure that every individual enjoys a clean, safe work environment, free from discrimination and harassment. We believe that workers at supplier facilities have the right to freely choose employment.  We support the right to fair compensation, the right to associate freely and bargain collectively. These and other rights are embodied in our Global Compliance Principles or GCP, established in 1997.

Consistent with internationally recognized labor standards, the GCP specify working conditions for our employees and those of our suppliers and vendors, helping to ensure that wherever our products are produced, each and every item reflects our values.

In addition to the GCP, factories that we own and operate directly must comply with our Ideal Plant Model (IPM) guidelines, which include rigorous safety requirements, adherence to our Code of Business Conduct and an ethics helpline. Our owned factories also undergo certification by Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, a non-profit organization that promotes global ethics in manufacturing.

And while we understand that that there are different legal and cultural environments in which factories operate throughout the world, potential suppliers and vendors must meet our GCP requirements in order to do business with us.

In order to become a VF Authorized Facility, each of our suppliers must sign and abide by our Terms of Engagement document, indicating their acceptance of both the GCP and our detailed Factory Compliance Guidelines. And to ensure that compliance is ongoing, each location must undergo a thorough on-site audit process on a regular basis.  Disclosure of our efforts to verify the absence of forced labor and child labor in our supply chain in accordance with the CA Transparency in Supply Chain Act of 2010 is contained in our factory audit procedures & GCPs.

Over the years we have learned that improving compliance is an evolving process, one that can be challenging. Yet we do not hesitate to walk away from suppliers who do not share our commitment to providing an ethical and responsible work environment. Ultimately, we know that the quality of our products depends on the strength of our principles.

Our 2011 Global Compliance Report provides a comprehensive overview of our ongoing efforts.