Charitable Contributions

The VF Foundation is the private grantmaking organization funded by VF Corporation.

The VF Foundation supports organizations and initiatives focused on conservation and stewardship, education and workforce development, and the advancement of human and organizational endeavors in the context of inclusion, equity and diversity.

The VF Foundation considers relevant grant requests and applications submitted by organizations that are based in or operating from the communities where VF Corporation and our family of brands are located.

Qualifying organizations must be recognized as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Federal Tax Code. The VF Foundation cannot provide grants to individuals.

Learn More & Apply

To be considered for sponsorship of an event, a charitable contribution and/or product donations from a specific VF brand, please contact the brand directly using the information below.

Sponsorship & Advertising Requests

VF's brands make their own sponsorship and advertising decisions and should be contacted directly. Find brand contact information below: