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North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association Recognizes VF as a Sustainability Leader

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North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association Recognizes VF as a Sustainability Leader

November 9, 2015

Every day, VF’s 60,000 associates work across its business platforms and brands to responsibly manage the business and shape the future of the apparel and footwear industry.

Given the company’s efforts toward sustainable practices, VF was honored to be recognized by the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association, a leading nonprofit organization interested in North Carolina's sustainable energy future, with the Business Leadership Award at its Making Energy Work conference on Oct. 7 in Raleigh, N.C. VF received this award as a result of its steadfast commitment to federal policy advocacy and its efforts to recruit industry for energy policy advocacy.

“We are actively pursuing strategies that reduce our carbon footprint while working with industry groups, governments and NGOs to support national action on climate change,” said Letitia Webster, Senior Director, Corporate Sustainability, VF. “VF recognizes that rising CO2 levels threaten large-scale disruptions to the climate with potentially disastrous consequences to our business, our supply chains and society.”

For VF, moving to renewable energy sources, finding methods to optimize energy use, and achieving further operational efficiency are top priorities. The company has undertaken a number of steps to integrate more sustainable and responsible practices into its own business practices.

“One of the near-term goals we set for ourselves was to reduce our carbon footprint by 5 percent by 2015 from 2009 on an absolute basis, despite growing almost 40 percent in the same time period,” said Webster. “And our progress is tracking well thanks to the energy efficiency improvements we’ve made across our portfolio of more than 1,500 retail stores, more than 30 distribution centers, and 30 owned manufacturing locations.”

Looking to the future, VF plans to continue its efforts in partnership with the NC Sustainable Energy Association and other groups to ensure that climate change is not an issue passed on for future generations to solve. To learn more about VF’s sustainability efforts, please visit the company’s Sustainability and Responsibility Report.