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Q&A with Dan Mahoney, eCommerce Director at Timberland EMEA

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Q&A with Dan Mahoney, eCommerce Director at Timberland EMEA

February 24, 2016

Dan Mahoney came to VF’s European headquarters in Stabio, Switzerland in 2014 for a new opportunity – to help Timberland expand the quality and breadth of their digital presence and accelerate online sales in Europe.  

“Having the chance to move to a new country and be part of a truly global brand was a big selling point for me,” he said. “I was really excited to build eCommerce for Timberland, which was early in its inception, and take it forward.”

As the company’s eCommerce Director, Mahoney has helped Timberland’s eCommerce business evolve from a single website for the U.K. market, to seven localized websites delivering in 12 countries in less than two years.

The business has grown, thanks to newly opened markets, a growing team of multi-market specialists and a focus on analytics that has driven decision-making, he says.

What has your experience moving to a new country been like?

It’s the first time I've ever lived outside of the U.K. I had been living in London for 10 years, so having the opportunity to move out of the city and into the mountains has been a really positive thing. I'm living in Italy and commuting into Switzerland every day, so that makes me a “frontalieri” as they say.

How have you adjusted to a new culture?

When I got here I didn’t speak a word of Italian so that was a bit of a shock, but the people are very friendly and make you feel at home quickly. I can definitely get by pretty well in bars and restaurants by now which is good.

What is your favorite part about your experience with Timberland so far?

We're working with a fantastic product and that really helps us build an amazing experience online. I also enjoy the diversity of my team. We are a team of 12 associates and consist of seven nationalities, so we are operating in a very multicultural environment. That allows for a variety of ideas, approaches, and cultural perspectives, which makes it a fun, adaptive environment to be operating in.     

What do you like to do outside of work?

It’s really beautiful here. There's the stunning Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, which is my favorite. I like running and road cycling, and now that it’s snowboarding season, I’m excited to get back on the slopes.