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Vans Celebrates 50 Years of “Off The Wall” Heritage

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Vans Celebrates 50 Years of “Off The Wall” Heritage

March 16, 2016

 “Off The Wall” is a state of mind that Vans® has been building and refining since 1966.

Vans 50th

This skateboarding phrase pays homage to what was once one of the hardest moves in the sport – rising up above the rim of empty backyard pools in 1960s Southern California. And now, a half-century later, Vans has further defined its anthem of living “Off The Wall” by connecting with action sports, art, music and street culture to promote creative self-expression, authenticity and progression.

From its early days to its emergence as a leading action sports brand and the world’s largest youth culture brand, Vans has taken on the prominence of a dynamic lifestyle brand, and its business performance matches its brand success.

“Redefining classic styles, inspiring innovative products and empowering creative expression are hallmarks of Vans’ consistent growth and success,” said Kevin Bailey, President of Vans and VF Action Sports Coalition. “Over the years Vans has maintained its familial roots and held tightly to its heritage, while growing to the $2.2 billion brand it is today. We look forward to the continued growth of the Vans brand as we introduce progressive products and platforms to the next generation of consumers.” 

Vans products are available to consumers in more than 75 countries through its network of wholesale partners and its direct-to-consumer platform, with approximately 600 owned retail stores worldwide and e-commerce sites. Equally strong are Vans’ social media platforms, which the brand uses to interact with its more than 21 million brand loyalists.

Vans is one of the crown jewels in the VF portfolio,” said Steve Rendle, VF President and Chief Operating Officer. “It embodies the type of brand VF wants to own: authentic; proven lasting relevancy; and, representative of a culture that transcends age, geography and gender.” 

House of Vans

To mark its golden anniversary, on March 16, 2016, Vans releases The Story of Vans - a visual campaign that is truly the first of its kind – combining a mix of artistic methods to highlight iconic moments from the brand’s 50-year history. The Story of Vans illustrates the brands origins through action sports, art, music and fashion in a unique composition of techniques that is truly Vans. Additionally, the Vans is hosting 10 House of Vans events worldwide to celebrate the 50th anniversary. From New York to London to Hong Kong, Vans welcomes a mix of eclectic performers within an immersive brand environment created for the anniversary and brings to life The Story of Vans campaign. The anniversary events also mark the beginning of the global expansion of House of Vans.

As the cultural hub, House of Vans seeks to inspire and connect with everyone who enters the space. With two permanent locations, one in New York and the second in London, Vans’ golden anniversary year will introduce pop-up House of Vans experiences to more locations around the globe creating a space where Vans enthusiasts around the world can interact with the brand one-on-one. 

To look back at the evolution of the Vans brand, visit www.vans.com/history for a timeline of iconic moments in Vans’ history.