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VF’s VP of Direct-to-Consumer, Americas, Discusses In-Store Technology at Shoptalk

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VF’s VP of Direct-to-Consumer, Americas, Discusses In-Store Technology at Shoptalk

May 24, 2016

On May 20, Todd Starcevich, VF’s VP of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC), Americas, participated in a panel discussion at Shoptalk in Las Vegas, Nevada. With more than 3,000 attendees, Shoptalk brings together retail executives and companies that are reshaping how consumers discover, shop and buy.

Despite being a $12.4 billion company with 30-plus brands around the world and more than 1,500 retail stores, we encourage a test and learn approach in our retail environments,” explained Starcevich. “We continuously test new technologies in a brand and then share the learnings across our portfolio. VF’s DTC platform enables this cross-brand collaboration, which helps position our brands to win in retail.”

On the panel, Starcevich and his fellow panelists discussed technologies that are impacting today’s brick and mortar shopping experience and emerging technologies that are shaping tomorrow’s responsive retail environment. VF brands have recently utilized technologies including virtual reality, smart mirrors and lighting, and beacon applications to create engaging and immersive in-store experiences.

The end goal of all in-store technology is that it solves a customer need. "What is the customer hiring the store to do?” added Starcevich. “That defines the need inside the retail experience.”

In his role at VF, Starcevich works closely with the DTC teams across VF's brands to identify and develop initiatives for driving growth in brick and mortar retail. Approximately 85 percent of VF’s DTC business is through brick and mortar stores. 

More information about VF’s DTC platform is available here.