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Q&A with Serena Bonomi, Design Associate at Napapijri

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Q&A with Serena Bonomi, Design Associate at Napapijri

June 23, 2016

For Serena Bonomi, Design Associate at Napapijri®, making sure that the brand’s products have the potential to be memorable and meaningful is what she does on a daily basis. Bonomi works to develop brand assets and tools that support and enable the creation of functional and desirable products for Napapijri’s collections.

Serena Bonomi

What is your role within VF?

Currently, I’m working on a design initiative that Napapijri is leading in collaboration with VF’s corporate innovation team. We are working together to identify a “formula” for making a product resonate with consumers. We began by benchmarking how the design of products were perceived by consumers so that we can understand the elements of an iconic product. This is an amazing role as it gives me a 360° view across the business and has helped further my understanding of the apparel industry.

What is the best part about working at VF?

I love being able to work with different teams and functions. I get a broader view of the company and I’m learning about marketing, sourcing, innovation and design at the same time.

Continuous learning has been a big part of my life and career. As a teenager, I traveled to Boston, Massachusetts to learn English. I enjoyed the experience so much that I completed my bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in English.

What led you to design within the apparel industry?

While working in a previous role before joining VF, I took part in the BMW Creative Lab competition. The goal of the competition was to create ‘apparel designed for smart mobility.’ My winning creation, “LINK,” was a consumer-focused collection of convertible jackets that support a range of lifestyles due to adjustable panels that can be easily reconfigured. The jackets utilized technology and fashion design in a unique and simple way. It was definitively a life-changing experience that led me to my current role.

What is the best career advice you have received?

My parents instilled in me the need to be patient to pursue what I believe in. My job has it challenges, but it is also very empowering. Being positive lets me approach difficulties with a holistic mindset, trying to see the bigger picture and how solving this issue is an opportunity to grow, learn, and do something out of my comfort zone that I’ve never done before.