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Location Spotlight: Alameda, California

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Location Spotlight: Alameda, California

July 27, 2016

The VF Outdoor & Action Sports Coalition campus, located in Alameda, California, is home to VF Outdoor brands JanSport®, The North Face® and lucy®. The 160,000 square foot campus is reflective of the company’s commitment to sustainability and active lifestyles, focusing on clean, renewable energy and associate well-being. 


Fast Facts:

  • Campus opened in summer 2012
  • 580+ associates
  • 160,000 square foot, LEED Platinum-certified
    building set on 14 acres
  • Amenities include a gym, electric-car charging
    stations, and an on-campus café that features
    organic food from local sources  and the
    employee-operated garden
  • ‘Net-zero-electric campus,’ meaning the facility
    generates more power than it needs, including
    from renewable on-campus sources such as 5
    wind turbines and 4,000+ rooftop solar panels
  • 5,500 pairs of recycled blue jeans were ground
    up and used for insulation, a nod to VF’s history
    in the apparel industry

“We’re proud to have created an amazing campus for our associates to work in that also serves as a model for sustainable workplaces,” said James Rogers, Senior Sustainability Manager, The North Face

A Sustainable Place

Featuring solar panels, wind turbines, insulation composed of recycled pairs of jeans and recycling and composting, the campus received a LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council – indicating the building meets the highest standards of sustainable design and structure. Contributing to the sustainability efforts is the community garden associates tend to, providing fresh produce for the campus’ cafeteria. The landscape of the campus incorporates drought-resistant vegetation, which helps reduce overall water consumption at the facility.

Today, the campus generates approximately 15 percent more power than it needs to operate, a testament to the company’s effort to embed sustainability into everything it does, says Rogers. 

Associate Well-being 

The campus features multiple courtyards and outside seating areas, allowing associates to hold meetings outside. Inside, the buildings utilize as much natural light as possible, with nearly 90 percent of the associates at Alameda having a line-of-sight to the outdoors. 

The facility’s solar panels collect and store enough energy to allow associates to charge their electric vehicles. Other associates commute by ferry, with many more riding their bikes to the office. Associates have access to a state-of-the-art gym, which hosts bootcamp sessions, yoga, The North Face Mountain Athletics program, and other fitness classes.