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VF Reaches Another Milestone in Global Sustainability Efforts

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VF Reaches Another Milestone in Global Sustainability Efforts

December 22, 2016

VF recently achieved another milestone in its global sustainability efforts as seven of its distribution centers (DCs) in EMEA have been certified as zero waste facilities.

The seven DCs to earn the honor are located in Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. They received the designation because they diverted 95 percent or more of their waste from landfills through recycling, composting and reusing.

“Waste reduction is a focal point of our sustainability efforts. By achieving zero waste designations for our seven distribution centers, we demonstrated that simple actions can make a big difference”, said Anna Maria Rugarli, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Director, EMEA. “We reached this significant accomplishment thanks to accurate tracking, dedicated trainings for our employees and smart solutions to change behaviors.” 

Members of the EMEA Distribution team

The seven EMEA facilities join seven DCs in the U.S. that earned the designation last year, and are part of VF’s efforts to embed sustainable business practices throughout its global business.

Since 2015, VF’s facilities in EMEA have recycled more than 3,900 tons of waste and reused more than 4,900 tons. Globally, VF currently diverts approximately 89 percent of its distribution center waste from landfills and is working to increase this percentage. 

VF has a goal of reducing waste sent to landfills company-wide by 40 percent by 2020. 

The company continues to explore opportunities to secure zero waste designation for additional VF locations. VF is also working to reduce waste in product design, operations at VF-owned manufacturing facilities, retail stores and corporate offices.

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