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A Message From Steve Rendle

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A Message From Steve Rendle

January 19, 2017

VF Corporation's New Chief Executive Officer

On January 1, I became the CEO of VF Corporation. I am excited to lead this incredible organization into its 118th year of business, and to lead the more than 60,000 dedicated VF associates around the world.

I’m thankful to the many people who’ve supported me throughout my career, and to VF’s board of directors for placing their trust in me for this new responsibility.

I recognize that when a company has a new leader, there are many questions about that leader’s beliefs, values, priorities and management style. To help answer some of these questions, here’s a summary of what’s important to me.

First and foremost, I believe in honesty and integrity. Fortunately, VF is a company that has operated with honesty and integrity since its founding in 1899. It’s in our DNA. We will continue to live out these values and operate our business with the highest standards. This will never change.

I believe in the power of diverse teams who approach their business with passion and a high degree of competitive spirit. When people with different backgrounds, experiences and knowledge come together to solve problems, the end result is far better than if that same group lacked diversity.

I believe in the power of design and innovation. VF has some of the world’s most beloved and iconic brands. We will elevate the power of thoughtful design across our products and experiences, and use this to strengthen our brands’ connection with their core consumers – while unlocking opportunities to attract new ones. And, we will be relentless in our pursuit of innovation.

I believe in teamwork. When I reflect on the most successful teams that I’ve been part of throughout my career, they comprised hard working, committed people who shared a vision, set goals, and banded together to drive results. VF associates collaborate to achieve great things every single day. And we will continue to do so, working together with a One VF mindset to consistently bring innovative products to market that exceed consumers’ expectations and deliver on our commitments to customers and shareholders.

As I begin my role as CEO of VF Corporation, I have an overwhelming feeling of pride and optimism. I am proud to lead this company, and I am very confident in VF’s future.

I look forward to providing updates along the way as we write the next successful chapter in VF’s storied history.


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