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VF Highlights Sustainability, Responsible Sourcing During Purdue University Visit

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VF Highlights Sustainability, Responsible Sourcing During Purdue University Visit

March 3, 2017

Leaders from VF Corporation recently visited Purdue University to discuss the company’s programs to advance sustainability and responsible sourcing in the global apparel and footwear sector. As part of a two-day visit to campus, company executives met with students and faculty in several of the university’s departments, including Supply Chain Management, Consumer Sciences, Retail Management, Environmental and Ecological Engineering, and the Trademarks Licensing Office.

The VF team also participated in a general forum on campus. Each session included a presentation from VF leaders, followed by an interactive session where students could learn more about the VF speakers’ professional experiences and their perspectives on the skills necessary for a successful career in the apparel and footwear sector.

VF’s Tom Nelson, Vice President, Global Supply Chain, discussed how a global apparel and footwear company uses its value-driven internal manufacturing model to share best-practices with contract suppliers to positively impact their operations and the overall industry.

Colleen Vien, Director of Sustainability for the Timberland® brand, talked about how a company’s sustainability platform can create tangible value by identifying new opportunities, reducing risk and lowering costs, ultimately helping to conserve the environment and deliver eco-conscious products to consumers. 

“Socially responsible business conduct is not only the right thing to do for people and the planet, but it also makes for a more sustainable business model that creates value through other parts of the organization,” said Tom Nelson. “Through our Responsible Sourcing program, we are sharing our values-driven internal manufacturing model with contract suppliers to positively influence our supply chain and the industry.” 

VF created its Responsible Sourcing Program to guide supplier relationships towards a more sustainable future by sharing manufacturing best practices and expertise. The program is built around four key elements focusing on worker safety and well-being, raw material traceability and product stewardship, environmental and social sustainability, and sustainable living environments for workers.  

VF has engrained sustainability and responsible sourcing at every level of the company’s operations. The company owns and operates more than 30 manufacturing facilities and contracts with more than 1,000 supplier factories to produce products.

The VF campus classroom visit and public panel discussion was initiated by Purdue’s Trademarks Licensing Office and VF’s  JanSport® brand,  a long-term licensee of Purdue-branded apparel.