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Jun 20, 2018

Q&A with Tammy Lam, Senior Product Manager, VF's Digital Lab

As e-commerce continues to reshape the retail industry, associates like Tammy Lam, Senior Product Manager, Digital Lab, VF, are helping lead VF brands to digital success. 

Below, Lam shares what she loves about her role, and how the Digital Lab supports VF brands.

Education: Graduated from St. Mary’s College in
California. Studied broadcast journalism and worked as
a news video editor and writer after graduation.
Hobbies: Traveled as far as Thailand to rock climb
among the monkeys and clear blue waters of Tonsai
and Railay.
Best piece of career advice received: “The best job
you have is the one you have now.”
Favorite VF product: The North Face® Summit Series

What is your role at VF?

I work with brands to optimize their digital content and e-commerce sites using the VF Digital Platform, a system powered by technology partnerships and third-party services. We want our brands’ consumers to have a best-in-class shopping experience, so I make sure our sites have shared core capabilities and configurable features that provide consumers with seamless and enjoyable digital interactions.   

What does a typical workday look like for you?

Most days start with meetings and calls that include brand and technical team members in the U.S. and EMEA to discuss digital features actively in development or planning meetings for upcoming initiatives. 

In any given day, my team and I participate in various meetings with key internal stakeholders and external vendors to enhance our digital platform. We also continually browse VF’s brand sites to review new content experiences, learn about new products and test newly launched site functionalities.

How are you helping brands incorporate VF’s 2021 Global Business Strategy into their operations? 

From collecting and utilizing data and analytics to injecting innovation into brands’ digital programs and technology, the Digital Lab helps drive business and deliver exciting platform capabilities. 

Plus, with our new Agile software development framework, we are improving collaboration across our geographically diverse teams. Not only is the organization’s output much more efficient, but the internal relationships are stronger, which makes driving innovation a less cumbersome and more collaborative process.

You are an avid rock climber. How do the skills required for rock climbing apply to your professionallife? 

I climb with a partner, so communication is critical. Ahead of the climb, we have to agree on a plan for the lead climber and the placement of belay stations. We have to communicate clearly with each other for gear and rope management – we are accountable for keeping each other safe at all times. And when one of us hits a tough spot, it’s the other’s responsibility to stay positive and provide words of encouragement. 

Inside and outside of the office, communication is key for building trust and driving individual and team success. 

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