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Jun 11, 2020

Make Your Own Fashion with Dickies

Dickies inspires consumers to create DIY fashion and more by connecting with artists and makers

Here’s What You Need to Know: Dickies® is at the forefront of using DIY fashion to connect with consumers with its #YourstoMake campaign. Highlighting makers and artisans, the movement embraces sustainability and upcycling old clothing while also offering consumers an opportunity to learn new skills including baking, sculpting, and gardening. ​​​​​​​

Despite its heritage in traditional workwear, Dickies recently found itself at the forefront of an emerging fashion trend: Do it yourself (DIY) fashion.

DIY fashion embraces sustainability with the remaking and upcycling of old clothing into something new. Those dabbling in the trend custom tailor clothing, sometimes adding embellishments using dye, paint, and embroidery. DIY fashion is growing more popular, especially with Gen Z consumers, as young people look for new, sustainable hobbies during the global pandemic.

In recent months, Dickies Girl partnered with artists to host tutorials on Instagram Live. Its Instagram account features posts and videos, including a segment with Los Angeles designers Zig Zag Goods who jazzed up a pair of Dickies pants with paint and tie dye. Visit the Dickies Girl Instagram account to view other DIY videos.

“I love the idea of making any apparel into a statement piece for people to feel confident in,” said Mariell Guzman, another artist whose colorfully painted overalls were featured by Dickies. “Stoked to be part of the Dickies “Makers” takeover to showcase what makers all over the U.S. have been creating at home during this pandemic.”

While it may seem counterintuitive to encourage consumers to alter the brand’s apparel, for Dickies, providing tutorials on DIY fashion is another way to connect with new consumers and celebrate artists and makers.

“It’s about harnessing creativity,” said Stacey Portnoy, Senior Manager, Consumer Connections, Dickies. “People do all sorts of interesting things with our clothes, turning them into walking pieces of art.”

While the recent features and tutorials work to engage and connect with consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic, they are also part of a larger effort by Dickies to feature makers of all kinds, whether they make pottery, paint, or build houses. In October, Dickies launched the Yours to Make campaign and featured artists Sofia Enriquez and Tory Van Thompson who customize Dickies clothing to make one-of-a-kind designs.

Dickies is also presenting weekly #YourstoMake tutorial videos on social media. The series includes “Customize and Create” videos with Marcello Gomez, who runs mobile clothing shop Segunda Vintage Streetwear Bus. Marcello shows viewers how to make cropped work shirts and tapered pants. Designers at Hol Parts also offer tips on sustainably upcycling Dickies workwear garments. Interested in gardening, pie baking, sculpting and concocting a batch of hand sanitizer? The videos offer step-by-step instructions about those, too.

The #YourstoMake campaign is reaching a breadth of consumers from all walks of life.

“Our brand will always be true to our heritage in traditional workwear,” Stacey said. “But there’s also another side of Dickies. Our brand is very diverse, and many different groups loves us, from musicians to artisans to skateboarders and people in the craft beer industry. They were fans of ours before and are happy to partner with us now.”

Check out Dickies’ InstagramFacebook and Youtube pages for #YourstoMake tutorials.

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