Powerful Platforms

Our five powerful business platforms help us maintain our competitive edge by providing an unrivaled enabler for sustainable, long-term growth for our brands. We leverage these global platforms to strengthen our brands and drive a singular approach to innovation, efficiency and total shareholder return.


Building Strong Connections

Our direct-to-consumer business, which consists of owned retail stores and e-commerce businesses, is the key driver in our expanded efforts to serve consumers more directly. With this platform, we reach consumers through multiple channels to engage with them on a deeper level and create a seamless shopping experience.

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Owned Stores


Direct-to-Consumer Brands


World’s Leading E-Commerce Markets

Strategy & Innovation

Innovation Driven by Insight

At VF, we define innovation as “something new that creates value.” We innovate to deliver new products and experiences that consistently delight consumers, helping to drive organic growth and higher gross margins.

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Video Ethnographies Conducted in Past 4 Years


In-Person Interviews in Homes and Stores


People Surveyed Regarding Our Top-Seven Brands in 15 Countries


Continuously Making Things Better

Sustainable business practices influence everything we do at VF, from how we develop new products to how we manufacture and distribute items. We know that our actions to reduce environmental impacts are not only good for the planet, but also for our company’s financial health.

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Electricity that will come from renewable energy sources to power all of VF’s owned and operated facilities by 2025.


Percentage by which VF will reduce our overall global environmental footprint, farm-to-front door, by 2030.

1 Million

Garment industry workers and community members whose lives we will measurably improve with our actions by 2025.


Accelerating Our Growth

Our international business is comprised of everything outside the United States. The platform enables our brands to tap into the knowledge of teams across the continents as they scale their operations in both mature and emerging markets.

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2014 International Revenue Growth (Currency-Neutral)


Americas (Non-U.S.)




Asia Pacific

Supply Chain

Keeping Our Balance

Our balanced approach to global supply chain management provides us with a competitive advantage that enables us to consistently deliver our brands to the global marketplace and meet the needs of a fast-changing business environment. 

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560 million+

Units of Apparel and Footwear Produced Every Year

600 million

Yards of Fabric Bought Every Year - Enough to Wrap Around the Earth 13 Times


Owned Manufacturing


Factory Partner Sourced From 40 Countries