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Powerful Platforms

Our expanding efforts to serve consumers directly are more than a key VF growth driver – they’re an avenue for engaging with them on a deeper level. Through our owned stores and global e-commerce platforms, we reach consumers across multiple channels to create a seamless shopping experience.

Growth Strategy

Serving Consumers Directly

We’ve set ambitious growth targets for the direct-to-consumer platform through our retail, outlet and e-commerce stores as we aim to achieve $4.4 billion in revenue through this platform by 2017. Driving us toward this goal are smart and innovative teams who make use of consumer insights to understand what they want, and when and where they want it.

The success of our direct-to-consumer business platform flows from three growth strategies:

  • Continuously driving comparable store performance
  • Opening new stores that feature the right brands in the right locations
  • Accelerating our e-commerce sales

We believe that building strong, direct-to-consumer connections is as much an art as a science. It requires focus, discipline and data-driven decision-making complemented with the kind of engaging brand storytelling that captures the essence of the inspirational lifestyles our brands represent.

Digital Connections

E-Commerce Growth

E-commerce is our fastest growing direct-to-consumer channel. We actively harvest data across our e-commerce sites and transform the information into a “digital playbook” that evolves and guides us on what to do next. While no tool can predict the future of digital, the playbook enables us to leverage shopping and behavior insights across brands to better understand changes in consumer preferences and then act quickly.

We continue to expand our e-commerce initiatives by rolling out additional brand sites in Europe and Asia, and enhancing each brand’s site to deliver a consistently superior consumer experience.

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Digital Excellence

Platform Integration with Brands

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Retail Connections

Operational Excellence

Delivering a quality in-store experience comes down to making smart use of insights to create a shopping environment that engages consumers in the brand lifestyle. Our full price stores allow us to showcase a brand’s full line of products with fixtures and imagery that support the brand’s positioning, while also enabling us to stay close to the needs and preferences of our consumers. Today, our growing global retail operations include more than 1,500 stores.