Powerful Platforms

Our international business is comprised of everything outside the United States. The platform enables our brands to tap into the knowledge of teams across the continents as they scale their operations in both mature and emerging markets.

Fueling Growth Across Key Geographies

A Clear Path Toward Growth

Our international business platform exemplifies how we’re transforming VF to provide a clear path to growth in a changing global marketplace.

From mature markets such as Western Europe and Japan, to emerging markets such as Eastern Europe and South America, we reach consumers on a global scale with our amazing portfolio of scalable brands — listening to and inspiring existing and future brand loyalists.

One of the most important factors in our global success has been our rigorous consumer research, which has enabled us to make sound investment decisions grounded in deep insights. This makes us smarter every step of the way, from which markets we should enter next to which brands we should introduce on our owned retail platforms. And it enables us to make well-informed choices about how we adapt our products, communications and retail stores to meet the needs of a specific market’s consumer, while at the same time maintaining the brand’s global DNA.

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Diversify Next Door

The Americas region is both an important market for our products and a vital strategic manufacturing region for our business. This is particularly true for our Jeanswear Americas business and Activewear apparel business. The Jeanswear Americas operations in this region are based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mexico City, Mexico and Toronto, Canada. Our Outdoor group has an office in Quebec, Canada.







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EMEA Region (Europe, Middle East, Africa)

Driving Strong Growth

As our brands meet growing global demand, the EMEA region remains an area of focus for sustainable growth. Our strength in the region is the result of more than 30 years conducting business in Europe. Our highly developed EMEA infrastructure – in sales, marketing, distribution, technology and administration – serves as a platform for continued growth, for our owned businesses, for our licensee/distributor relationships and for acquisitions.

Our EMEA and Asian business is headquartered in Stabio, Switzerland, from which VF coordinates the European based operations of the following brands: The North Face®, Timberland®, Vans®, Napapijri®, Reef®, Eastpak®, Kipling®, Wrangler®, and  Lee®.

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Huge Market Potential

In the Asia Pacific region, we’ve had outstanding success, and we see more growth opportunities in our future. In fact, our revenues for the region have surpassed the $1 billion mark.

We have wholly-owned subsidiaries in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and India that manage many of our brands in those key markets through a network of more than 2,500 owned or partner brand stores. Our regional headquarters in Hong Kong oversees our subsidiaries and the strong network of distributors and licensees, which we have in all other regional markets where we don’t have a direct presence.