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Sustainability & Responsibility

Powerful Platforms

At VF, ongoing sustainable improvements are the norm, not the exception. We embrace our responsibility to help lead the industry toward a more sustainable future.

Meaningful and Measurable Benefits

An Opportunity to Lead

For us, sustainability isn’t just about doing what’s right for people and the planet, it’s also good business. Our sustainability platform creates tangible value by serving as the catalyst for identifying new opportunities, reducing and managing risks and lowering our costs. In that context, we view sustainable operations both as a competitive advantage and an opportunity to help conserve the environments and resources that we outfit our consumers to explore.

Our goal to power all owned and operated facilities globally with renewable energy by 2025.

Sustainability Report

VF’s Sustainability & Responsibility Report

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Our Approach to Environmental Sustainability

From manufacturing and shipping our products to lighting our stores and running our offices, our business operations require a significant amount of energy and water, and they also generate waste. That’s why we’ve identified Energy & Climate, Water and Waste as our three focus areas. 2014 marked the first year that VF produced a comprehensive Sustainability & Responsibility Report, for which we analyzed our environmental footprint and identified where our impacts are at the highest. We work diligently to address those concerns.


Sustaining the Entire Product Lifecycle

We manufacture more than 500 million units of product every year. Our consumers around the world expect our products to be developed and produced in a responsible manner. We consider how, where and by whom our products are made, as well as the associated environmental and social impacts.

We leverage our size and diversity to create more sustainable and responsible products that delight our consumers. Collaborative efforts among our brands, supply chain, product teams and innovation programs are identifying our most promising opportunities. Through these efforts, our company can truly become an agent of positive change.


Living our Core Values

Honesty, integrity and respect for others; these are VF’s core values. Our, global, dynamic and dedicated workforce – no matter which brand they work for or what country they live in – embraces these values and uses them as a compass to guide our decisions and actions.