VF Outlet

VF Outlet stores have evolved from offering excess inventory to selling VF-branded and other quality products at affordable prices.


VF Outlet

What started as a public sale to clear out inventory soon became a new business for VF Corporation — the VF Outlet. Its first location was a 5,000-square-foot area with only a drop cloth hung as a curtain to separate it from the manufacturing facility. Today, there are 79 locations across the U.S.


During VF Outlet’s very first public sale, M.O. Lee, then president of VF Corporation, was seen bagging merchandise for shoppers and manning the cash register.



Primary Products

VF-Branded Products



Building Strong Connections

79 Retail Stores Worldwide

1 Country Available

Sustainability & Responsibility

Continuously Making Things Better


Smart Energy Consumption

VF Outlet stores manage HVAC set points and schedules to provide cooling and heating to areas when they’re sufficiently occupied, lowering electrical consumption by 25 percent.

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Life at VF

What’s it like to be part of the VF team? The day-to-day experience is as rich and diverse as our broad portfolio of brands and our variety of locations around the world. But all across VF, our workplace is characterized by a distinctive culture of respect, collaboration and sharing – a strong, authentic culture that inspires innovation and enables us all to grow and succeed together. It’s a culture we call One VF. Check out our Careers page for open positions.

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More Than 65,000 Associates Around The World

82% of VF associates said they are proud to work at VF.

91% of VF associates said they often put more effort into their job than is required so they can help VF succeed.

VF Associate Global Survey, 2015