The source of life

Water supports our planet’s natural eco-systems and is essential to nearly every industrial process. It’s a precious and scarce resource. At VF, we operate in many water-stressed regions. Using water sparingly and sustainably is integral to our approach.


Improve water efficiency and wastewater treatment across our supply chains


All cotton purchased by VF is grown in the U.S., Australia or under a third-party cotton growing scheme that promotes environmental and/or social sustainability improvements by FY26.

We know our water impact is considerable. Our supply chain uses 95.8 million m3 of water every year—roughly 25,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools. We understand the critical need to use water more efficiently and we’re taking concerted action to use less water from raw materials to finished product and to raise consumer consciousness by promoting products that are made in more water-efficient ways. We’re also bringing clean water to communities that struggle with water access through our Worker and Community Development Program.