Protect and preserve

From durable workwear that protects firefighters or foundry workers, to innovative outdoor gear designed for extreme adventures, our green chemistry delivers cutting-edge solutions that enable individuals to reach their highest potential, while at the same time preserving our planet.

We’ve committed to eliminate and/or restrict 100% of unwanted chemicals or substances, using the innovative CHEM-IQSM program from VF’s supply chain by FY26. Learn more about our goal here.


chemical auxiliaries screened through the CHEM-IQSM program since 2016

1,075+ MT

of non-preferred chemicals removed from the supply chain since 2016


supply chain factories participated in the CHEM-IQSM program in FY2020

A force for good

Innovative chemistry, using the highest-quality, safe, and sustainable ingredients, enables us to create remarkable, pioneering products. We have products that are water repellent, fire retardant, heat retaining, breathable, flexible, visibility enhanced, spark resistant, and splash protectant. Most of all, they’re products that our consumers trust to never let them down.

CHEM-IQ - the perfect balance

We challenge our exploratory chemists to think beyond conventional chemistry solutions, but always within defined environmental and safety parameters. We have developed and implemented an industry-leading Restricted Substance List (RSL), which identifies prohibited or limited substances for all products and is overseen by our Product Stewardship Team. The key to our approach is CHEM-IQSM —a unique proprietary chemical management system that prevents substances of concern from entering our supply chains.

Unique to VF, through CHEM-IQSM, we’ve identified and removed more than 1,075 MT tonnes of non-preferred chemicals from our supply chain. CHEM-IQSM doesn’t limit our chemistry creativity; it enables us to accelerate product innovation in line with our green chemistry principles, reducing hazardous waste from product design to final production.

In 2017, we made our CHEM-IQSM Program Manual available to other manufacturers so they can share its breakthrough benefits. Many players in our industry are now using CHEM-IQSM and we’re actively exploring new ways to extend its use throughout the textile supply chain.

Stewardship and safety

Our commitment to product safety is uncompromising, and nowhere more so than in our use of chemicals and our approach to chemistry. We deliver safety through many forms—through associate and supplier training, safety audits, product testing, and strict adherence with our policies, standards, and Product Safety Manual.

Transforming raw materials into finished products is an incredibly complex process, and there are hundreds of different stages in our supply chains. Delivering the highest standards of safety and quality isn’t straightforward—it requires constant vigilance and investment in an end-to-end Product Stewardship Program, run by our specialist in-house Product Stewardship Team. The team gives us oversight at every stage of the supply chain and connects us to the suppliers and third parties involved, ensuring that our rigorous standards are met every step of the way.