For over 100 years KODIAK has been Canada's Boot®, ambassadors from the first nation of winter, and proud celebrants of all weather. We believe in hard work and good times. In valuing the diversity of the global landscape. We make reliable, stylish footwear that performs the world over.


For over 100 years, Kodiak has made quality footwear. From the introduction of the world’s first leather waterproof sport boot, the Kodiak brand has meant rugged authenticity, uncompromised safety and hard-working durability.

Kodiak was founded by Edwin C. Greb in Kitchener, Ontario. During the 1950s, Kodiak perfected a shoe making technique that enabled us to market Canada’s first truly waterproof leather boot. As the brand cultivated its reputation through innovative, quality footwear products, it earned Kodiak a position of supremacy in the Canadian footwear industry. The word Kodiak became synonymous with quality, rugged outdoor footwear. The brand’s predominance in this field has remained unrivalled to this day. One hundred years later, the Kodiak name continues to represent rugged authenticity, uncompromised safety, and hard-working durability.

Kodiak safety boots and cold weather products are broadly distributed through mid-tier general merchants, safety specialists, department stores, big box chains, sporting goods stores and independent shoe stores throughout Canada and across North America. Kodiak also deals with multiple companies overseas to provide direct solutions for safety footwear. Kodiak has established export ties with countries in Europe and Asia-Pacific.


Supporting Canadian Youth

Kodiak is a proud sponsor of Skills/Compétences Canada, a national, not‐for‐profit organization that works with employers, educators, labour groups and governments to promote skilled trades and technology careers among Canadian youth.

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