The lucy® brand mission is quite simple: to make high performance active wear that unleashes the beauty, strength and spirit of every active woman, everyday.



At lucy® we’re all about women. And always have been.

We design high performance gear that focuses on a woman’s strengths and lets her shine. Everything we create is made with quality fabrics which feel luxurious, keep their shape and look great. And because we know fit is what matters most in performance wear (with style a close second), we provide a range of options so you can get a perfect fit.

We make gear women love to be in, and find themselves reaching for every day.


  • lucy® stores host a Play Where We Play program partnering with local fitness communities to connect women with the best gyms, clubs, studios and trainers in their area.
  • lucy® launched its let’s go blog in November 2014 as a place to share and explore a range of topics that are interesting and useful to active women everywhere.



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Strategy & Innovation

Innovation Driven by Insight

Constantly Surprise Yourself for the Love of Motion

The lucy® brand believes that a body in motion tends to stay in motion, while a body at rest tends to stay in bed. The lucy Light Forest was created to celebrate movement and the women who love it.

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