The VF Circle

is the visual cornerstone of the entire Corporation. It is important to use it in a consistent manner across all visual communication materials.

The key elements of the VF Circle that constitute its uniqueness. are:

  • The letters “V” and “F” are joined together in the center;
  • The letters “V” and “F” break through the edge of the circle at three points.

Do not distort, recolor, outline or otherwise alter the VF Circle. See examples of improper usage. It may not be incorporated with competing graphics, logos , typography or incorporated as a graphic element to create a logo variation. The VF Circle may be incorporated into designs as a graphic element only if it also appears correctly applied. For example, the VF Circle could bleed off the page or be embellished with other graphic elements such as photography, textures, embossing or die-cutting so long as another, correctly applied VF Circle appears.

The VF Circle should only be reproduced from authorized standards.

VF Circle | Live Area

To maintain the proper integrity, strength and impact of the VF Circle, no other text or graphics may appear in close proximity to it.

All text and graphic elements should be no closer to the VF Circle than 1/4 the diameter of the VF Circle.

The preferred distance of all text and graphic elements from the VF Circle is 1/2 the diameter of the VF Circle.

VF Circle | Registration Mark

Trademarks are among VF's most valuable assets. They are symbols of the company's reputation, history and goodwill. In order to protect its integrity and legal status, the VF Circle, when used alone and in connection with apparel (including footwear) must always have the registration symbol ® positioned as shown.

When used alone and in connection with backpacks, tents, or sleeping bags, or other accessories, the VF Circle must appear with the symbol ™ as shown.

VF Circle | Improper Usage

Do not modify or distort the circle in any way.

Do not separate the VF letters from the circle.

Do not create outline variations of the circle.

Do not enclose the outer edge of the circle and apply a border around it.

Do not enclose the VF letters where they meet the outer edge of the circle.

Do not apply the circle to heavily textured or visually competitive backgrounds.

Do not use the circle in a name (e.g. VF Jeanswear or VF Sportswear), phrase or sentence as a substitute for the letters VF.

Do not infringe on the VF Circle live area.

Do not use the circle in unapproved colors. Note: the exception is when the logo is used as a graphic element.

Color Palette

Color is an important element in presenting the correct VF message. The preferred colors of the VF Circle are VF Blue with white letters.

The VF Circle may be printed in black with white lettering when VF Blue is not available.

The symbols ® and ™, and supporting copy should be printed in black or white (reversed out).

  • Name: VF Blue
  • Hex: #003399
  • PANTONE®: PMS 2728
  • CYMK: 100/92/5/1
  • RGB: 0/51/153


VF Circle Logo