Graphic Standards

"We’re enhancing the way we communicate and present ourselves, both internally and externally, to accurately reflect the progressive and innovative company we are today. We believe this new logo strikes the perfect balance between honoring our legacy while looking to the future."

– Steve Rendle

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

The Logo

The VF monogram holds significant heritage, especially within our industry. The new logo brings that iconic heritage into the future, pushing it further to create a unique and memorable mark for the next 50 years and beyond.

The new iconic logomark has been designed as a symbol that expresses VF’s core values. Here, the two letters share the same stroke, expressing unity and collaboration. A bolder typeface expresses passion and action, while adding some soft elements communicates care, authenticity and empathy.

The letters touching the outer limits of the circle convey openness and inclusivity, and the upper portion of the F is detached to show forward-thinking, upward motion, and exponential growth.

The wordmark of the logo, or logotype, is a unique typeface customized specifically for VF to complement the VF icon. The bold, all-caps letters incorporate some softer, rounded elements to balance decisiveness and professionalism with humanity and inclusivity. It is modern, approachable, and easy to read.

Downloads of the logo are available here

Management Bios & Photos

Steve Rendle

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Matt Puckett

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Cameron Bailey

Executive Vice President, Global Supply Chain

Kevin Bailey

Executive Vice President and President, Asia-Pacific (APAC) Region and Emerging Brands

Velia Carboni

Executive Vice President, Chief Digital and Technology Officer

Anita Graham

Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer and Public Affairs

Martino Scabbia Guerrini

Executive Vice President and President, Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)

Craig Hodges

Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Communications

Laura C. Meagher

Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary

Susie Mulder

Global Brand President, Timberland®

Steve Murray

Global Brand President, The North Face®

Doug Palladini

Global Brand President, Vans®

David Wagner

Executive Vice President, Global Strategy & Venture Platforms