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VF’s Director of Sustainability and CSR for EMEA Highlights the Company’s Sustainability Agenda at Two European Forums

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VF’s Director of Sustainability and CSR for EMEA Highlights the Company’s Sustainability Agenda at Two European Forums

June 28, 2016

Sustainability is not an abstract ideal, but a platform that should be baked into a company’s business operations at every level, VF’s Director of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in EMEA, Anna Maria Rugarli, said during two recent conferences on sustainability in Europe.

Sustainability & Responsibility is one of VF’s powerful business platforms, and sustainable improvements are embraced by associates at all levels. Helping lead the industry to a more sustainable future is a priority for VF. Rugarli recently delivered that message at two European forums focused on sustainability — Innovation Forum’s Sustainable Apparel conference in London on April 19 and Sustainable Brands 2016 in Barcelona on May 22.

“We view sustainable operations both as a competitive advantage and as an opportunity to help conserve the environments and resources that we outfit our consumers to explore,” Rugarli said.

During her remarks, Rugarli shared some of VF’s ongoing sustainability initiatives and showcased best practices for sustainable innovation. Examples of these efforts include VF’s commitment to pursue zero waste designations for its U.S. and international distribution centers, which means that at least 95 percent of the waste from these facilities will be diverted from landfills through recycling, composting and reuse. The company has made significant strides toward this effort with seven U.S. distribution centers currently designated as zero waste facilities. VF has also pledged to use 100 percent renewable energy by 2025 at its owned and operated facilities. 

Rugarli also highlighted several brand initiatives, including The North Face with Thermoball™ and Napapijri with Thermofibre™. “Both are great examples of sustainable and profitable innovation that allowed the brands to switch to animal-friendly down sourcing,” Rugarli said.

“Sustainability is not something we do once and check it off the list. It is an ongoing commitment,” Rugarli added. “Being good stewards of the environment and making good business decisions are not mutually exclusive. We are living proof of how a company can do both.”

For more information on VF’s Sustainability platform, please visit VF’s Sustainability & Responsibility website.