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VF: A Company Committed to Inclusion

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VF: A Company Committed to Inclusion

February 2, 2017

CEO Steve Rendle sent the following message to VF associates on February 1, 2017.

A U.S. presidential executive order was recently issued governing immigration to the U.S. from seven specific countries. While we are evaluating how this potentially affects associates around the world and their ability to travel to and from the U.S., there is a larger message I want to send to all associates. 

VF is a global organization, with a richly diverse workforce across every continent. Our diversity – among our people, our brands, and our consumers – is a source of competitive strength and organizational pride. We nurture this diversity through a deep commitment to being inclusive and always acting with integrity and respect. The different perspectives each of us bring to our work are valued and used to create exceptional products and experiences for our consumers.

We do not and will not tolerate exclusionary actions. It's just not who we are. We have been taking deliberate, visible steps both inside and outside the company to demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Whether it's our involvement with the Paradigm for Parity​ movement to achieve gender parity in leadership positions by 2030, our engagement with and 100% endorsement by the Human Rights Campaign​, the leading organization advocating for LGBTQ equality, our launching of Employee Resource Groups​, or any of our other initiatives to recruit, train, and develop diverse talent at all levels of our organization, we are working to live our core values and lead by example.

VF will always be a community that welcomes, appreciates, and values the differences that make each of us unique. Thanks for everything you do to contribute to our One VF culture.​

Steve Rendle
President, Chief Executive Officer & Director