VF Foundation FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Where are VF Corporation and its family of brands located?

A:  Our global corporate headquarters is in Denver, Colorado.  Other important geographies we consider for grantmaking are in and nearby Costa Mesa, California (VansĀ®), Stratham, New Hampshire (TimberlandĀ®), Greensboro, North Carolina (VF), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (VF), Nashville, Tennessee (VF), Fort Worth, Texas (DickiesĀ®) and Appleton, Wisconsin (VF).

Q:  Do you make grants outside of the U.S.?

A:  Yes. We will consider grant applications that are aligned with our grantmaking priorities where VF has significant corporate and manufacturing footprints in Europe and Asia.

Q:  How much grant funding should our organization apply for?

A:  We consider requests for $5,000 and more.  If this is your first time applying, a good rule of thumb is to submit a request for no more than $25,000.  

Q:  Our programming fits more than one of your grantmaking priorities, is that ok?

A:  Yes.  The strongest applications have alignment with more than one of our grantmaking priorities (Outside Matters, Worthy Work, Free to Be). Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is very important across our grantmaking priorities.

Q:  Can our organization apply for support of more than one program? 

A:  No.  Please focus your application around support for only one program. 

Q:  Can our organization apply for more than one grant? 

A:  No.  Please apply for no more than one grant per year.

Q:  What is the term of your grants?

A:  All grants are one year in duration.  

Q:  Can our organization apply for multi-year support?

A:  No.  Our grantmaking is for one year only. 

Q:  How often can we apply for a grant?  Receive a grant?

A:  Your organization is eligible to apply for and receive one grant per year. 

Q:  If our organization receives a grant, what are the reporting requirements?

A:  All of our grant partners are required to complete a results report approximately 8 months into the one-year grant term.