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Sep 04, 2018

VF Careers You Never Knew Existed: Data Scientists

They’re part mathematicians, part computer scientists – not what you typically consider when you think about an individual working in the retail industry. But at VF, our data scientists are a new breed of experts with the technical skills to solve complex problems and the curiosity to seek out opportunities.

Led by Suschismita Nandi, Director of Data Science, Insight & Analytics, the team supports each VF brand through project-based analytics. Common projects include streamlining email marketing, planning product inventory and retaining customers by evaluating purchasing patterns.


Team members include:
Madana Bachika, Data Scientist, Direct-to-Consumer
and Retail Analytics
Mariyam Fawaz, Associate Data Scientist
Pooja Gandhi, Associate Date Scientist
Suschismita Nandi, Director of Data Science,
Insight & Analytics
Antra Priyadarshi, Advanced Data Scientist, Vans
Muyao Sun, Associate Data Scientist
Gouravjeet Ubhi, Associate Data Scientist, Vans
Hao Zeng, Data Scientist


A day in the life of a data scientist
“A lot of our work is project based,” said Nandi. “We take business problems and solve them by making meaningful relationships out of the numbers. By using variables tied to consumer activity, we weave together solutions that alleviate pain points such as inventory, product messaging and consumer-product pairing. Ultimately, we translate complicated consumer data to drive solutions.” 

At VF, customer care is a priority, which includes are ongoing communications with consumers. Using data science, we are able to send fewer emails with more tailored messaging based off of activity, season and brand preferences. This shift makes email messaging relevant and allows us to communicate more efficiently with consumers.

“Data science touches many pieces of VF, serving as the backbone of everyday business functions like inventory, planning and communication,” said Antra Priyadarshi, Advanced Data Scientist, Vans®. “Our data influences the entire supply chain and improves service for each consumer. Utilizing data helps brands predict consumer trends, allowing stores to accurately stock inventory. Accurate inventory equals less product waste and increased consumer loyalty.”

Data science and our consumers
Insights & Analytics is one of VF’s six capability choices from our 2021 Global Business Strategy. Throughout the company, we’re using deeper, richer information and data to develop stronger connections with our consumers and make smarter business decisions.

“Our focus is shifting toward what the customer thinks is important, rather than what we think is important for the customer,” said Mariyam Fawaz, Associate Data Scientist. “Using historical data to predict future demand and purchasing patterns positions VF to deliver relevant and timely messaging, which empowers consumers to find items that fit their needs. Repeat business continues to increase, as well as a new customer base, which we are quite proud of.”

The future of data science
“Data science isn’t as developed in retail as it is in other major industries, such as banking or cyber security, so there is a lot of opportunity yet to uncover,” said Pooja Gandhi, Associate Date Scientist. “VF is a leader in the retail industry and we’re fortunate to have access to such sophisticated consumer data and technology.”

VF is already feeling the impact of data-driven decisions. Whether learning to prioritize customer service or building even greater efficiency into the supply chain, VF’s data scientists add immense value to our company and propel us further into the future of retail. 

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