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Dec 09, 2018

Q&A with Marco Pagliuso, Director, Retail and Partnership Stores, Napapijri®

For Marco Pagliuso, Director, Retail and Partnership Stores, Napapijri®, his philosophy for life and work is, without question, future-positive.

Pagliuso was attracted to VF’s international presence, vast brand portfolio and renowned leaders. He joined VFin 2010 as Operations Coordinator for the company’s former Sportswear and Contemporary brands. Later, he held managerial positions at Napapijri stores and EMEA’s Northern Countries division.

With nearly eight years at VF under his belt, Pagliuso is more optimistic than ever about the future of the company and his own role.   

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned at VF?
Working here has allowed me to connect with people of different cultures and backgrounds, which is both exciting and educational. This, among other things, has taught me many lessons – the most important of which is to listen. It may sound like a simple act, but oftentimes it’s more complex and valuable than many assume.

What’s your opinion of retail and its future?
Retail is continuously changing, which is what I appreciate most. Direct-to-consumer is becoming even more consumer-centric, and it has pushed me to employ strategies and tactics that elevate brand experiences in our stores. 

For years, brick-and-mortar businesses were expected to make money on their own, but the evolution of digital to a full-blown sales channel has certainly disrupted that expectation. While being present across all touchpoints of the consumer journey continues to be a priority, the role of physical stores is destined to change, and I remain optimistic. In the future, I foresee our stores taking a new role – bringing a brand’s experience to life and moving from product selling to storytelling.

What qualities make a great leader?
There are five key ingredients that make someone a great leader: honesty, fairness, knowledge, inclusivity and the right balance between delegating and supporting.

Growth and leadership best occur by stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking risks. After all, comfort zones aren’t really about comfort, they’re more about fear. Everyone knows how hard it is to take the first step, but it’s in doing so that we develop ourselves. So,let’s break the chain of fear and take more risks. The greater you try, the more you learn to enjoy it.

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