Timberland 2019

Timberland. Best Then. Better Now.

The following materials were presented on September 17, 2014

$3.1B x 2019

Powerful Brands. Powerful Platforms. One VF.

  • Steve Rendle
    Senior Vice President, Americas
    Outdoor and Action Sports is VF’s largest and fastest-growing coalition, representing a larger proportion of VF’s total revenues each year. The Timberland® brand is set to contribute significantly to this effort.

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Timberland: Building a Better Brand.

  • Patrik Frisk
    Coalition President, Outdoor Americas & President, Timberland
    The Timberland® brand has set a goal of achieving $3.1 billion in revenues by 2019. With the support of VF’s ecosystem of powerful platforms and resources, it is well on its way to becoming the largest, most sustainable outdoor lifestyle brand on Earth.

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  • Lisa Demarkis
    Vice President, Global Product
    John Healy
    General Manager, Advanced Concepts

    Lisa Demarkis 
    John Healy
    Vice President, Global Product
    General Manager, Advanced Concepts

    An innovator since 1973, the Timberland® brand continues to set the bar for quality in Outdoor Lifestyle products. Through its Style-Performance-Green product strategy, the brand is expanding styles, introducing subtle performance elements, and featuring more sustainable materials.

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  • Jim Davey
    Vice President, Global Marketing
    Based on the results of numerous global consumer studies, the Timberland® brand has been re-engineered to connect with consumers more deeply. The brand’s new look and feel continues to resonate strongly with consumers, specifically the core “Outdoor Life Styler.”
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  • Ryan Shardin 
    Vice President, Retail and Digital Commerce 
    Direct-to-consumer revenues for the Timberland® brand are expected to reach $1.1 billion by 2019, driven by E-commerce growth of approximately 30 percent each year and the addition of 130 new owned stores to the brand’s current base of approximately 230.
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  • Diane Woods
    Vice President and General Manager, North America
    With balanced growth across both wholesale and direct-to-consumer channels, the Americas region will account for nearly half of the anticipated $1.4 billion in total revenue growth, representing a compounded annual growth rate of 14 percent.

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  • Timo Schmidt-Eisenhart
    President, Timberland EMEA
    The Timberland® brand expects to add $380 million to reach $1 billion in total revenues by 2019 by capitalizing on current strengths in Italy and the United Kingdom to drive further growth into Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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  • Stewart Whitney
Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific
The Asia Pacific region is expected to double its business, growing revenues an average of 15 percent each year to reach $620 million by 2019. The majority of this projected revenue growth is expected to come from China and South Korea.

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