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Aug 23, 2018

Let’s Go Outside!

VF encourages people to get outside with donation to the Outdoor Foundation

The VF Foundation pledged $1 million to the Outdoor Foundation to reverse the decline in American families getting outdoors.

“Working with the Outdoor Foundation allows us to engage against our vision, be a part of the solution and understand what needs to be done differently,” said Steve Rendle, VF Chairman, President and CEO. “From now on, we are not merely a company; we are a movement. With our founding partner gift, we express our deep gratitude to the Outdoor Foundation and hope we inspire others to support this worthwhile cause.” 

The Outdoor Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging people to go outside for their personal health, the health of communities and the health of the outdoor industry.  As part of its mission, the organization strives to create “Thrive Outside Communities,” a key pillar that brings together kids and families to participate in structured outdoor programs. VF’s donation will support this and many other foundation efforts to rebuild humans’ relationships with the outdoors.

The VF Foundation was established in 2002 for charitable, scientific and educational purposes. The Foundation supports organizations working in the arts, community services, education, families and children, health care, environmental sustainability and science.

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