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Oct 30, 2018

Q&A with Mahmoud El Salahy, General Manager, The North Face®

Mahmoud El Salahy, General Manager, The North Face®, knows that diversity makes a difference.

El Salahy has lived and worked in various countries: Cairo, Egypt, and Shanghai, China. He has supported different brands: Timberland® and The North Face. In addition, he finds value in working alongside a diverse team and for a company that is committed to inclusion and diversity.

 Below, El Salahy shares his career journey and his purpose.

Q. What led you to VF and The North Face?
While studying engineering in college, I worked as a sales representative for an international fashion brand. Although I enjoyed the science and math focus of my engineering degree, I really thrived in sales. This led me to pursue a corporate position in the fashion industry, which brought me to VF. I started my relationship with VF in 2011, working in Egypt as a Brand Manager for Timberland. Two years later, I accepted a role with The North Face as a Buying and Planning Manager in Shanghai, China. 

Q. What helped you discover your professional ambitions?
It started with VF's openness to embrace talent from various regions and backgrounds. I’ve been able to explore different business opportunities and surround myself with diverse colleagues who have contributed to my career development and aspirations.

Q. Where would you like to see The North Face go next?
The North Face is on a path to continue advancing its company values for another century. The team is energized, diverse and globally connected. In the future, I see huge success for the brand as it further positions itself as a beacon in the outdoor category. 

Q. Who has taught you the most at VF?
This might sound cliché, but I have learned the most from my team. We have a transparent culture, filled with candid feedback and opinions, which has allowed me to develop great relationships.

Q. What drives you?
My mission in life is to be a Movement Maker for my family. I want to ensure they have what they need to make positive, principle-driven decisions, and I especially want my daughter to have a great quality of life and unlimited opportunities to pursue her dreams and reach her utmost potential. 

Q. What do you like most about VF?
The business model and Purpose statements at VF and The North Face are more than words on a page. They are a mantra – a rallying cry – for every associate to live out. I’ve seen this come to life through my personal VF journey and how the company has supported me along the way.

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