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Apr 16, 2019

VF Corporation Boosts Business Performance by Investing in Worker Health

VF Corporation corrected the vision of more than 10,000 workers in 17 of its factories in Bangladesh and India. Working with VisionSpring via its Clear Vision Workplace (CVW) program, VF expects to provide eye exams to 57,000 workers by the end of 2019.


Through the partnership with VisionSpring, VF workers received free eye exams from qualified optometrists who found 42 percent of workers required vision correction with eyeglasses. Through the CVW program 74 percent of those tested received their first pair of glasses in their lifetime. 

“The CVW program not only helps improve the working conditions of associates but it also has a major impact on their everyday lives,” said Jazz Singh-Khaira, Worker and Community Development Manager of Global Responsible Sourcing at VF. “We believe that by helping improve the quality of life of our associates we are also empowering them to perform better at work.” 

Globally, more than 2.5 billion people live with blurry vision because they do not own eyeglasses. At VF, many factory workers live in low-income countries where access to eye care services is limited or unaffordable. Yet the workers’ livelihoods depend on having good eyesight. 

To sustain the CVW program long term, VF and VisionSpring trained factory managers and healthcare staff to conduct vision screening, dispense reading glasses and refer others for higher level eye care. 


 After the CVW screening, production managers and supervisors responsible for quality control reported that they returned 46 percent fewer garments for correction.

Glasses also resulted in benefits outside of the workplace. Workers said they were more likely to help children with homework, easily prepare meals and read text messages and books. Workers also experienced a dramatic decrease (87 percent) in headaches and fatigue because eyeglasses reduced eye strain.

In 2019, the CVW program will expand in Bangladesh and India and start in Vietnam, serving 32,000 workers in the three countries.

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