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Dec 05, 2018

Revitalizing Haitian cotton

After a break of 30 years, Timberland® has sponsored the reintroduction of cotton in Haiti, a move supporting local growers and their communities to build brighter futures.

Cotton was once a significant Haitian crop and export, but its cultivation declined during the 1980s. For more than 30 years, no cotton was grown at all—but that’s now changing. In partnership with the Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA), Timberland® is helping replant cotton on the island with the vision of creating new growth opportunities for local communities.

Timberland has already run a successful agroforestry programme in Haiti in collaboration with the SFA, which saw thousands of smallholder farmers develop new income streams by planting more than 6.5 million trees. This new cotton initiative follows the same model, providing training, seeds, and tools for the farmers.

Within five years, we envision 34,000 farmers across 17,000 farms will double their current income through cotton cultivation, and Timberland has committed to purchasing cotton from these farms. 

The program offers farmers and communities a wide range of support, covering agricultural training to micro-loans and empowerment programs for local women. Farmers are also offered support to achieve organic certification. 

“Timberland is excited to evolve our role from being a sponsor to becoming a customer of the SFA. Across Timberland, we are striving to be Earthkeepers, working hard to create responsible products, protect the outdoors, and serve communities. This initiative gives us the opportunity to hit on all three of these aspects.”

 – Atlanta McIlwraith

Senior Manager, Community Engagement, Timberland

“This is a big opportunity for our country. It will make smallholders more profitable, create more jobs, and boost the economy.”

 – Pierre Marie Du Meny

Commerce & Industry, Haiti.

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